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Domestic Investigation

We understand that domestic relationships are a delicate and private matter. Our investigators are sensitive to our client’s possible pain and the emotional stress associated with these investigations. The investigation services we offer are designed for unlocking answers for spouses and other domestic partners.
Investigations are done using a stationary and mobile surveillance system. This method has proved to be the best means for obtaining proof with investigators utilizing both video and still photographs. We also provide child custody and visitation investigations to assist clients seeking full custody of their child or to investigate supervised visitations.

Missing Persons

Locate your missing loved one with a private investigator. Our experience lies in locating individuals who are considered missing or do not want to be found. Whether you require our services for finding a lost relative or an individual who owes a debt, our experts can help locate the individual in question.

Thorough Employee Background Checks

Rely on the professionals at Leonard & Associates Investigations. We provide employee background checks and insurance investigations to ensure all information provided to you is accurate.

Know whom you are hiring. We provide pre-employment background checks, including civil and criminal background searches. The information we provide our clients is conducted accurately with verifiable information.

Process Service

Trust our associates to deliver legal documents such as supeonas,summons, and copies of complaints.   

Contact us efficient domestic investigation services and help finding missing persons.

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