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Criminal Defense Investigations

Leonard & Associates conducts a systematic examination and inquiry of the case presented by the prosecution against the defendant. To achieve an impartial investigation, we review the law enforcement investigation, interview the defendant, and locate and interview witnesses. The crime scene is examined and background investigations are conducted on those individuals involved in the case. In recent years, a number of defendants who have been convicted in a court of law have later been exonerated of all charges. A successful defense by both attorneys and support staff, which includes the investigator, could aide in preventing these miscarriages of justice.

Leonard & Associates will scrutinize specific aspects of the prosecutor's case to determine if the case against the defendant is weak or deficient in any key area. Attorneys call upon us to conduct a comprehensive investigation which may support a defendant's alibi, develop alternate suspects, or pursue other potential defense theories.

Without question, our roll as members of the defense is as difficult as it is crucial. It is very important for a criminal defense investigator to maintain the highest degree of ethical conduct at all times. We follow these standards while performing our duties as criminal defense investigators. We conduct all investigative tasks in a professional, ethical, and moral manner. All investigations are conducted within the law. We remain impartial and objective at all times. We protect and do not discuss confidential information with anyone other than other defense members.

Our investigative skills include:

• Uncover evidence and obtain complete
  statements from victims, witnesses,
  defendants and suspects.

• Detect and uncover discrepancies and
  inconsistencies during the course of an

• Record accurate, concise and
  detailed notes.

• Connect intervals of time
  and actions.

• Develop contacts and sources of
• Accomplish accurate diagrams and
• Collect, process, identify and classify


Post-Conviction Investigations

According to the National Registry of Exonerations, a record number of 87 people were exonerated in the United States in 2013 of crimes for which they had been convicted. 47% of the exonerations were for homicides and 31% were for sexual assaults. Leonard & Associates has years of experience in investigating these types of cases. We reexamine the case, from the arrest to the conviction, as well as develop any new leads or evidence that may be available.

Bail Enforcement (Iowa Only)

For the state of Iowa only, we provide bail enforcement services. We are skilled at locating defendants who have failed to appear in court. Leonard & Associates Investigations has over 17 years of experience in locating defendants who have failed to appear in court.

Contact us and have a suspicious case reexamined
with our thorough criminal defense investigation services.

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